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Health Testing

Health Testing in China

All foreigners who come to China to study for longer than 6 months (i.e. those on an X1 visa) are required to undergo a medical examination either before or after they enter China. You will have to submit the relevant documents confirming that you have passed the physical examination when you apply for a residence permit in China.

In some cases, you must pass the medical examination before you apply for an X1 (study) visa. You will have to submit the completed Foreigners’ Physical Exam Record with your visa application. Check with your nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate to find out if this is a requirement.

If you are not required to undergo the examination in order to apply for a visa, you will need to do it in order to obtain your residence permit in China. You can either do it in your home country or in China. In China, the exam will cost about $100 U.S (may differ depending on the city). Your university will be able help you with this procedure.

To complete the medical examination before you arrive in China, you can download the form from your university website. Take the form to a public hospital, undergo a standard physical examination and have the doctor complete the form. On the last page of the form, the hospital must affix its official seal along with the student’s photograph.

You must bring the original medical documents with you when you come to China or else you be required to do the medical exam for a second time. The physical exam must be completed within six months of applying for your student visa, otherwise the results will no longer be considered valid.

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