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Part Time Jobs In China


Under the new rules, any person with a residence permit for study who wants to take a part-time job or internship off campus should obtain approval from their school, then apply to the PSB Exit-Entry Administration for a notation on the residence permit showing the part-time job or the location and period of internship off campus. (State Council regs, art. 22).

Notice that short-term students with X2 visas do not have such opportunities.

The law delegates to the Ministry of Education the obligation to establish a framework for foreign students to obtain work authorization. (EEAL, art. 42.) Presumably, that framework will cover any rules related to on-campus employment as well.

It’s illegal for foreign students to work without authorization or beyond the scope authorized. (EEAL, art. 43(3).

“Foreign students are now permitted to do part-time jobs in China. The university should issue a Consent Letter; the hiring unit/company should issue a Certification/ offer letter; then apply the police station, the police will check whether the company has the ability or not to recruit foreigners, if the company is fully capable of recruiting a foreign students then they will mark on your visa “work-study“. The hiring company cannot be changed; you can expect a high fine if you violate this law.”

New Law Ensures International Students Work-study in China.

On July 1st, 2013, the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic formally implemented the ‘international students in China work-study’ this along with its requirements raised the attention of many international students.

The Immigration Control Act Article 42, the State Council in charge of education departments shall establish foreign students work-study management system for foreign students work-study jobs to provide for the scope and time frame, which is China’s first form of legislation that clearly stipulates foreign students in China to ‘work-study’, which means that foreign students in China are now able to ‘work-study’, and its related management systems will also be established and gradually improved.


Most of the English teaching jobs are available for foreigners because of the demand of jobs in education. Although native speakers of English may teach language classes without a degree in English or English as a Second Language, non- native speakers of English without a degree are rarely hired for classroom instruction. Chinese people’s passion of learning a foreign language is also increasing year after year.

Wage: 100-300 RMB / Hour


Working abroad offers opportunities for in-depth cross-cultural experience, personal development, expanding your knowledge of a foreign language, and preparing you for a future in a global society. Work in China is challenging, fast-paced and young executives get more responsibility. Legally you can do work 20 hours in a week

Salary: 1000-5000 RMB / Month (to base on work)

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