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Hubei University Of Chinese Medicine

Introduction About University

Hubei University of TCM was established in 1958 as Hubei Vocational School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2003, the University was renamed to Hubei University of Chinese Medicine after being combined with Hubei College of Medical Laboratory Sciences. Hubei University of Chinese Medicine was among the first group of Universities which were granted the qualification to accept foreign students.

Application And Admission

In order to apply for admissions at Hubei University of TCM, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. All educational documents
  2. Passport
  3. Passport sized photograph

Location AndCampus

Hubei University of TCM is located in Wuhan – The capital city of Hubei Province. The University has two campuses – One in Tanhualin and the other in Huangjia Lake Area, covering a total area of 1610 acres. The total constructed area is 510,000 square meter. Huangjia Hu is the Main Campus and the International Students are situated on the New Campus (Huangjia Hu) which is located at the South-Gate of Wuhan City.

The University is equipped with State of an Art Library holding 1.18 Million Books.

Hubei University of Chinese Medicine has 3 Secondary Schools, 4 Affiliated Hospitals, 4 State-Level (Highest Level) Medical Research Centers and 10 Research Institutions, more than 60 bases for clinical practice.


Hubei University of TCM comprises of a faculty of 1212 members, including 859 full-time teachers, 374 associate professors.

The university has a research equipment worth 160 Million RMB. In order to facilitate the International Students, the University has recruited highly qualified foreign Professors / Associate Professors / Lecturers from various countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Colombia, India. Etc..

International Students

Hubei University of TCM has evolved special interest towards providing quality education to International Students, and has hired a faculty of highly qualified International Professors / Associate Professors / Lecturers to teach International Students.

Hubei University of Chinese Medicine was among the first group of Universities who were granted permission to accept International Students.

So far, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine has trained 1,300 International Students from over 26 countries. At present the University has over 600 International Students from over 26 countries who are indulged in getting their Bachelor, Master or Doctor Degree.

The University is also enlisted by CSC (China Scholarship Council), thus making the University eligible for the students to apply for fully funded scholarships for Master and PhD programs.

Currently the University has students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Ghana, Somalia, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Yemen, Syria, Canada, UK and USA. Etc.

Scholarships For International Students

Students having excellent performances during the academic years are awarded with partial scholarships to encourage high standard of Education and development among International Students.

Living Conditions For International Students

International Students will be given a 4-sharing room to live in with all the basic facilities like bed, table, chair, cupboards, television, air-conditioner. Etc. However, the beddings are to be bought by the student themselves and the bills for usage of electricity and water are to be burdened by the student him/herself. Public kitchens are available to the students for cooking. Attached washrooms and/or public washrooms are available.

Aside from 4-sharing rooms, 2-sharing rooms are also available but in a limited number.

Fee Structure

1st Academic Year: USD 4,550 (Includes tuition fee, accommodation fee, application form fee, JW202, residence permit, medical check-up, insurance, administration and management fee and registration)

2nd Academic Year onward: USD 3,400 (Tuition and accommodation)

Duration of Study: 5 years +1 year of Internship

Deadline to Apply: End of August every year.

Deadline to Register at the University: Between October, 01 and October, 31

Any student who fails to register at Hubei University of TCM between the time mentioned above or on the Admission Letter will be considered as giving up his admission.

Scholarship Details