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Jiangsu Normal University

Introduction About University

Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU) was established in 1952 and is supervised by Jiangsu Provincial Government and Central Ministry of Educaiton.

Application And Admission

In order to apply for admissions at Jiangsu Normal University, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. All educational documents
  2. Passport
  3. Passport sized photograph
  4. Physical Examination Form
  5. Police Character Certificate

Location And Campus

Jiangsu Normal University is located in Xuzhou – a historical and cultural city of Jiangsu province bordering Zaozhuang another historical city in neighboring Shandong Province. JSNU comprises of 4 campuses named Quanshan, Yunlong, Kuiyuan and Jiawang with a total area of 1215589.5 square meter (300.378 Acres) with a covered area of 1 million square meter. Jiangsu Normal University has fixed assets of around 1.233 Billion RMB with 394 Billion RMB of teaching and research equipment. The library of the University contains 2.49 Million volumes.

Our Faculty

Jiangsu Normal University has 3 experimental programs, The Teachers Education School, Further Education School, 22 Specialty Schools, International College and Kewen Institute. The University offers 1 PhD Program, 1 Post doctorate Research Station, 26 Master Programs and 87 Bachelor Program which covers 11 different disciplines. JSNU currently boasts a student population comprising of 16,758 Undergraduate and more than 2,379 Postgraduate Students.

International Students

Jiangsu Normal University welcomes International Students from all races and creeds to join the University and get onboard of research and development in various fields of science and engineering. JSNU has enrolled International Students from various countries like USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Romania, Germany, Jamaica, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Palestine, Ukraine, Japan, Zambia, Cameroon, Benin, Yemen, Australia, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria. Etc.

Scholarships For International Students

In order to develop and cultivate talent, Jiangsu Normal University offers Tuition Fee Scholarships to International Students for Bachelor and Master programs in co-operation with the Local-Government and the University itself has also allocated funds to provide scholarships to International Students other than having Self-Finance students. The students should however maintain a good GPA, should not indulge in a fight inside or outside the University, should not breaks any laws of the University or P. R. China and should have at least 90% of attendance in the class in order to maintain the scholarship.

Living Conditions For International Students

International Students will be given a 4-sharing room to live in with all the basic facilities like bed, table, chair, cupboards, television, air-conditioner. Etc. However, the beddings are to be bought by the student themselves and the bills for usage of electricity are to be burdened by the student him/herself. Kitchens are available to the students for cooking. Attached washrooms and/or public washrooms are available.

Aside from 4-sharing rooms, 2-sharing and single rooms are also available but in a limited number.

Deadline to Apply: End of June every year

Deadline to Register at the University: Between September, 12 and September 17

Any student who fails to register at Jiangsu Normal University between the time mentioned above or on the Admission Letter will be considered as giving up his admission.

Scholarship Details