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Jiangsu University Of Science And Technology

Introduction About University

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST) was established in 1933 with Shanghai as its original location. The university grew into the first shipbuilding school in China in 1953 and was relocated to Zhenjiang City – Jiangsu Province in 1970. The University was upgraded and renamed twice to Zhenjiang Shipbuilding Institute first and East China Shipbuilding Institute later. In 2004 however, the University took its name Jiangsu University of Science and Technology after the incorporation of Jianghai Trade School Sericulture Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The University is a general institute affiliated to Jiangsu Province and is co-sponsored by Jiangsu Province, China Shipbuilding Industry Cooperation and China State Shipbuilding Cooperation.

Application And Admission

In order to apply for admissions at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. All educational documents
  2. Passport
  3. Passport sized photograph
  4. Physical Examination Form
  5. Police Character Certificate
  6. 2 recommendation letters from professor or associate professor
  7. Study Plan
  8. Publications if available

Location And Campus

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology is located in the beautiful and historic city of Zhenjiang – Jiangsu Province. The city is located at around 1 hours distance from Shanghai by G-Train and 10-20 minutes distance from Nanjing by G-Train.

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology now occupies four purpose-built campuses, which cover more than 2600 acres in total. A new campus is currently under-construction which covers over 2350 acres.

Our Faculty

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology currently offers Bachelor and Master programs through 15 schools. So far, the University has 2 doctoral authorization First-Level disciplines, 1 post-doctoral station, 6 doctoral conferrable programs, 48 master conferrable programs, 12 master authorization First-Level disciplines, 5 professional master degree cultivation types and 56 bachelor programs.

There are 1,229 faculty members among whom 167 are professors, 581 are associate professors, 344 are doctor degree holders while more than 200 faculty members have overseas experience. Jiangsu University of Science and Technology now has 22,100 undergraduates, over 2,200 postgraduates and more than 300 full-time overseas students engaged in various fields of science, engineering, management and economics with the help of overs 2,000 faculty members and administration officials.

Research & Achievements

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology emphasizes on the importance of research and is widely recognized for its unique and academic strength in Shipbuilding, Marine related areas and sericulture studies.

The University has undertaken many high-level research projects from National High-Tech Research and Development Fund, National Social Science Fund and National Natural Science Fund. Several National, Provincial and Ministerial-level research bases have already been established on campus.

In the meantime, the University has built up research links and partnerships with leading industry groups such as China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It has also established a cooperative development committee involving more than 100 enterprises and academic institutes.

International Students

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology welcomes International Students from all races and creeds to join the University and get onboard of research and development in various fields of science and engineering. Jiangsu University of Science and Technology began recruiting International students in 2012, and since then has enrolled International Students from various countries like USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Palestine, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Cameroon, Yemen, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran. Etc.

Scholarships For International Students

In order to develop and cultivate talent, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology offers Scholarships to International Students for Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in co-operation with Local-Government and the University itself has also allocated funds to provide scholarships to International Students other than having Self-Finance students. The students should however maintain a good GPA, should not indulge in a fight inside or outside the University, should not breaks any laws of the University or P. R. China and should have at least 90% of attendance in the class in order to maintain the scholarship.

Bachelor Scholarship will cover the accommodation fees for the entire duration with a reduced tuition fee of RMB 4,250 per year instead of RMB 11,250. Furthermore, from the second year onward, 75% of class will be awarded a yearly stipend of RMB 8,000 to 2,000 depending on his/her academic record.

Master Scholarship will cover a waiver of tuition and accommodation fees with a monthly stipend of RMB 900 (Given for 10 months every year)

PhD Scholarship will cover a waiver of tuition and accommodation fees with a monthly stipend of RMB 1,200 (Given for 10 months every year)

Living Conditions For International Students

International Students will be given a 4-sharing room to live in with all the basic facilities like bed, table, chair, cupboards, television, air-conditioner. Etc. However, the beddings are to be bought by the student themselves and the bills for usage of electricity and water are to be burdened by the student him/herself. Public kitchens are available to the students for cooking. Attached washrooms and/or public washrooms are available.

Deadline to Register at the University: Between September, 12 and September 17

Any student who fails to register at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology between the time mentioned above or on the Admission Letter will be considered as giving up his admission.

For further information, please feel free to reach us at:

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