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North University Of China

Introduction About University

North University of China (NUC) was established in 1941 by the general headquarters of the Eighth Route Army as Taihang Industrial School and later renamed to Taiyuan Institute of Machinery in 1958. In 1963, the University was transferred under the administration of the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Committee and became one of the Eight Colleges of Defense Industry at that time. In 2004, finally it was renamed to its current name – North University of China.

Research & Achievements

North University of China has a national key defense science and technology laboratory, the key national defense laboratory, the Ministry of Education key laboratories and engineering and technology centers and other scientific research institutions. Over the past decade, North University of China has undertaken 350 national projects, and 3,800 kinds of different projects altogether and has a scientific research budget of 2.4 Billion RMB.

The University boasts to have won the following awards:

  1. 2 National Science and Technology Prizes
  2. 108 Provincial and Ministerial Level Science and Technology Awards

Location And Campus

North University of China is located in Taiyuan – The capital city of Shanxi Province and has another campus in Shuozhou City. The University covers a total area of 2501 acres with a covered area of almost 1.01 million square meters and fixed assets of almost 2.2 Billion RMB, teaching and research equipment worth 610 Million RMB.

Application And Admission

In order to apply for admissions at North University of China, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. All educational documents
  2. Passport
  3. Passport sized photograph

Our Faculty

North University of China has 13 professional colleges and comprises of a faculty of 2,426. Among this figure, there are 8 academicians, 1 ‘Cheung Kong Scholars Program’ Distinguished Professors, 4 National Outstanding Youth Fund winner, 1 National Excellent Young Science Fund winner, 1 National Teaching Teacher Award winner, 1 National Model Teacher, 2 National Outstanding Teachers.

Majors Available

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation

Our Publications

North University of China has around 7,200 Publications which includes papers, SCI and EI. Furthermore, the University has also published more than 350 academic monograms and teaching materials.

International Students

North University of China welcomes International Students from all races and creeds to join the University and get onboard of research and development in various fields of science and engineering. North University of China has enrolled International Students from different countries like Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh. Etc.

Scholarships For International Students

In order to develop and cultivate talent, North University of China offers Fully Funded Scholarships to International Students for Bachelor which covers the Tuition Fee, Accommodation Fee and a Monthly Living Allowance of RMB 1,250. However, the student should not fail any subject, should not break any law of the University or P. R. China, should not indulge in a fight inside or outside the campus and should maintain an attendance of 90% in class in order to continue the scholarship for entire duration.

Living Conditions For International Students

International Students will be given a 2-sharing apartment with one person in each room to live in, with all the basic facilities like bed, table, chair, cupboards. Etc. However, the beddings are to be bought by the student themselves and the bills for usage of electricity and water are to be burdened by the student him/herself. The apartment will have a kitchen and an attached washroom.

Deadline to Apply: End of December every year

Deadline to Register at the University: By the end of April

Course Duration: 4.5 years

Any student who fails to register at North University of China between the time mentioned above or on the Admission Letter will be considered as giving up his admission.

Scholarship Details