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Taiyuan University Of Technology

Introduction About University

Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) was established in 1902 and was one of the three earliest National Universities in China. It started with the name of Western Learning School of Shanxi Grand Academy and in 1953 it became an independent institution under the direct administration of Higher Education Ministry with the new name of Taiyuan Institute of Technology before it returned to Shanxi Province in 1962. It was further renamed to its current name - Taiyuan University of Technology in 1984. Taiyuan University of Technology is a part of the 211 Project which is one of the national promotion project for higher education, 973 Project and has undertaken 945 projects of various kinds such as ‘863 Project’. Furthermore, Taiyuan University of Technology is the only university in Shanxi Province which has been nominated in the top 100 universities by the national higher education program – 211 project.


Taiyuan University of Technology publications include the following:

  1. Taiyuan University of Technology paper
  2. Coal Conservation
  3. Journal of Social Science
  4. Journal of Taiyuan University of Technology
  5. Journal of Systematic Dialectics
  6. Shanxi Coal

Location And Campus

Taiyuan University of Technology is located in Taiyuan – The capital city of Shanxi Province and comprises of 4 campuses named Yingxi, Huyu, Bailing and Mingxiang with a total area of 3,201 mu (535 acres) with a covered area of 1.21 million square meter. The university is equipped with all the modern facilities.

Application And Admission

In order to apply for admissions at Taiyuan University of Technology, scans of the following documents are required:

  1. All educational documents
  2. Passport
  3. Passport sized photograph
  4. Physical Examination Form
  5. 2 recommendation letters from professor or associate professor
  6. Personal Profile
  7. Study Plan
  8. Publications if available

Our Faculty

Taiyuan University of Technology comprises of a faculty of 3,682. Among this figure, 2,595 are research and teaching staff. 1,087 of them have PhD, and 1,152 have senior academic titles. The university has 181 doctorate supervisors, 14 academician supervisors, 3 national outstanding specialists, 3 winners of Chinese Youth Sci-tech awards, 1 member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 2 academic committeemen of Sci-tech Department of Education Ministry, 4 winners of Fund for National Outstanding Youth, 1 national star teacher, 6 national candidates for ‘Hundred thousand-ten-thousand Specialists of the New Century, 2 leading persons for young and middle-aged sci-tech re-inventors, 15 excellent specialists of Education Ministry for the new century, 9 senior socialists in contact with the Party Central Committee, 1 Changjiang Scholar professor, 2 winners of national top 100 PhD dissertations, 1 “Sci-tech Advancement Award” winner and 1 “Sci-tech Innovation Award” of He Liang-He Li Foundation, 56 specialists of Shanxi Province “Hundred Talents Project”, 19 of “333 Leading Persons of New Century Academic Technology of Shanxi”, 4 special professors of “Shanxi Scholar”, 127 professors authorized for the government subvention. Over 180 well-known scholars from home and abroad are employed as honorary professors, guest professors and part-time professors.

Research & Achievements

Taiyuan University of Technology links itself to the local development and has achieved a lot in terms of scientific research. The university emphasizes on research taking it as the most important factor for university development. Taiyuan University of Technology has been the chief scientist unit twice to undertake the national key fundamental research projects (973 project). The university has also undertaken 945 projects of various kinds, such as “863 Project”, national new high-tech development project, national sci-tech key project, and national outstanding youth foundation project. Taiyuan University of Technology has won 434 prizes of both national and provincial levels, among which there are 41 of National Natural Science Awards, Technological Invention Awards, and Sci-tech Advancement Awards. Furthermore, 132 awards for teaching achievement have been won by TYUT, 6 of which are national first- and second-class teaching awards. The output and transformation of sci-tech achievement have promoted the development of the university high-tech enterprises, and highlighted the leading role of TYUT in the re-inventive high-tech production, and offered the technological and personnel supports to the regional and industrial economy construction in the realization of prospering the nation by science and education. Especially in the process of speeding up the unification of learning, research and production, the university researching advantage and innovating capacity have successively materialized into real productivity to serve the regional and industrial development, and prominent contributions have been made to the national economy construction and social development.

Taiyuan University of Technology has contributed over 100,000 qualified graduates to the society. The Ministry of Education in 2004 honored Taiyuan University of Technology as ‘Excellent University for Undergraduate Education’.

International Students

Taiyuan University of Technology welcomes International Students from all races and creeds to join the University and get onboard of research and development in various fields of science and engineering. Taiyuan University of Technology began recruiting International students in the early 1980s, and since then has enrolled International Students from 58 countries like USA, Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Romania, Germany, Jamaica, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Mongolia, Palestine, Ukraine, Japan, Zambia, Cameroon, Benin, Yemen, Australia, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria. Etc.

Scholarships For International Students

In order to develop and cultivate talent, Taiyuan University of Technology offers Scholarships to International Students for Bachelor, Master and PhD programs in co-operation with the CSC (China Scholarship Council), Local-Government and the University itself has also allocated funds to provide scholarships to International Students other than having Self-Finance students. The students should however maintain a good GPA, should not indulge in a fight inside or outside the University, should not breaks any laws of the University or P. R. China and should have at least 90% of attendance in the class in order to maintain the scholarship.

Living Condition For International Students

International Students will be given a 2-sharing room to live in with all the basic facilities like bed, table, chair, cupboards, television, air-conditioner. Etc. However, the beddings are to be bought by the student themselves and the bills for usage of electricity and water are to be burdened by the student him/herself. Public kitchens are available to the students for cooking. Attached washrooms and/or public washrooms are available.

Aside from 2-sharing rooms, single rooms are also available but in a limited number.

Deadline to Apply: End of June every year

Deadline to Register at the University: Between September, 11 and September 13

Any student who fails to register at Taiyuan University of Technology between the time mentioned above or on the Admission Letter will be considered as giving up his admission.

Scholarship Details